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Do not ask what the world can do for you, but you do for him!

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GES Water is the pioneer in the field of water making systems using air as a source of water. The companyTov GRINYOV com & Partners has invented in particular the first wind or solar turbine able to create drinking water from condensed air, using minimum energy 1,8 kw per hour. Our plant is designed according to the principle of economy and mobility. Our installation cost 3-5 times lower than that of other manufacturers.


The company "Tov GRINYOV com & Partners" together with the Italian engineering bureau, has developed and implemented a new generation of thermal power plants. The plant uses the innovative technology in the field of pyrolysis. Disposal of such waste as wood, rubber, plastic, biological waste, peat, bagasse, etc. Environmentally friendly PYROLYSIS! ELECTRICITY FROM GARBAGE!

CHARGE in 10 min

The company "Tov GRINYOV com & Partners" has developed a system to fully charge a car battery in just 10-15 minutes! The unique technology of the new generation of filling stations for electric vehicles allows only 10 minutes to fill electric vehicle. A new battery charging technology 18650 provides a safe and fast charging of rechargeable batteries without additional cooling. Using our technology, simply blowing the battery to maintain a temperature of 36 degrees.


Our holding is engaged in the collection and sorting of more than 100,000 tons of plastic waste in Ukraine - Chernivtsi. We specialize in the preparation, sorting and subsequent sale of more than 20 varieties of polymer products. Our sorting line is designed to sort more than 100,000 tons of waste per year, where today 24 employees work. In the process of sorting, we extract the following products …..

The company “Tov GRINYOV com & Partners” is engaged in the development and implementation of new advanced environmental and renewable energy technologies. Today, we have implemented and developed a thermal power plant running on different wastes such as municipal solid waste, wood, plastic, tires. We were able to implement advanced rechargeable battery charging system, allowing electric car in just 10 minutes to charge to 100% their batteries. We have built and commissioned a 24-seat separation system for urban sweeping, for the separation of plastics that can be transformed in the future for the pyrolysis process in compostable oil.